FOUND OFFICE offers a collection of premium Serviced offices, Virtual offices, Corporate meeting rooms, and a complete range of other business supports. Especially designed to be cost-effective for our customers through the smart sharing structure of the pool of business facilities and services. Making possible the quality service at practical prices, ideal for many types of business operations, including the startup businesses, branch offices, boutique companies, SMEs and individual professionals.

FOUND OFFICE was founded in September 2010 and open in January 2011. We manage 33 individual offices of various types suitable between 1-10 persons, with the shared office facilities of 5 corporate meeting rooms, 1 Library lounge, 2 kitchen pantries, 2 print & copy rooms, outdoor smoking areas and 1 main reception, covering 750 sqm on level 17 -18 of Alma Link Building, situated in the Chidlom-Ploenchit section, one of the most prime business addresses right in the heart Central Business District of Bangkok. Customers choose our service for the prestige and convenience of our location, the warm and professional ambience of our Center, and the quality of our service through our accommodating team of administrative staff who are there to support you with the unique service mind set that their job is to help you succeed in your business.


‘FOUND OFFICE is all about providing the efficient, cost- effective and nurturing professional environment for people to focus on the growth of their business and increase their level of success. We believe in smart, simple and honest way of doing things, and delivering the fair and dignified level of standard. We were the first Serviced office operator to offer the ‘all-inclusive’ scheme to the market, simply because we want to eliminate the common problem where customers often face with the unforeseen extra charges that they were not aware of until they have already signed the rent contract. These hidden costs when put together can be as high as the rent contract itself. And the cost related to the office often enough becomes double of customer’s expectation, which evidently becomes a significant problem for many enterprises, affecting their survival as a business. This sad and unfortunate situation has inspired us to design and offer our unique ‘all-inclusive’ pricing scheme, which helps customers to completely eliminate this problem and better cost control their monthly expense.’

‘We also believe that great things can truly be made possible, if you put your focus and efforts in and start making them happen. Our business is to make it all the more possible for our clients to achieve their dream goals and make it all happen for them on their journeys to success.’

Patra Phanasomburna

Staff & Service
SARA Kanticha Kameeha
Sales Manager
YOK Jentira Thumma
Center Manager
BE Nittaya Chiamsuwansiri
Customer Relations Executive
Soraj Noonpugdee
Career Opportunities
Patra Phanasomburna
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